Jan 29, 2015

9 Elegant Spring Wedding Cakes

Ten of the most elegant spring wedding cakes - some with fragrant peonies, ranunculus and pale garden roses and some made with sweet sugar dough. Sugar or gum paste is ideal for larger, authentic looking flowers (like the one shown below) and fondant is fine for smaller ones (cookie cutter style) to the sides of the cake. I love...no I'm completely obsessed with...fresh spring flowers nestled around a naked wedding cake, swimming in layers of English pastry cream, raspberries, strawberries, and tiny (and tasty) shortbread hearts.

gum paste flowers on white wedding cake
sage green wedding cake
pink and green wedding cake  
naked wedding cake with fresh flowers
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Jan 27, 2015

9 Stunning Sweetheart Table Ideas

Sweetheart tables - a romantic little refuge to reflect on what this fabulous, fun-filled day means for the future. It's good to be alone - even in a room of 200 people, distant cousins you never even knew existed, and a dozen or more cute toddlers in tuxedos. Make your special table a reflection of your style, your swagger, your sweet personality. Here are nine of my favorite sweetheart table ideas, everything from rustic to romantic, found on Pinterest.



Jan 24, 2015

8 Unforgettable Bridesmaid Photos

Bridesmaids - your nearest and dearest. The one who helped you get a great job with two weeks of vacation and seven paid holidays. The one (or two) that steered you through emotional meltdowns that couldn't be avoided. And the one who knew you when Barbies were more important than boys - all of them have been revolving around your life like happy planets around the sun. Make room in your day for unforgettably beautiful bridesmaid photos, showing off the ones who love you best.


Jan 12, 2015

7 Delicious Bridal Shower Fruit Salads

Always give the gift of fruit.  Serve your friends a delicious blend of freshly picked strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and seedless red grapes (my favorite).  None of these recipes calls for peaches, but they are fruit of the Gods so please include them too.  The beautiful thing about fruit salad is you really don't need a recipe at all.  What you need are a lovely group of grateful guests to feel as though you slaved all day to make this colorful fruit creation, and serving it in champagne glasses will make it even more exquisite.

Secret Fruit Salad - What’s the secret of this fresh fruit salad?  Dry instant vanilla pudding mix! The powder mixes with the juice of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and grapes to make a delicious fruit salad dressing.

Creamy Fruit Salad - Plain Greek yogurt, mini marshmallows and sweetened, shredded coconut make this fruit salad sing in just 10 minutes!
Easy Fruit Trifle - The perfect summer treat with loads of fresh fruit covered in a creamy blend of milk, sour cream, crushed pineapple and instant banana cream pudding mix.
Rainbow Fruit Salad Medley - One cup of this delicious fruit salad has only 126 calories, with a light low-fat dressing of honey, lemon and orange juice.
Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad - Lovely to look at and packed with super nutritious fruits - especially kiwi (each one has almost one quarter of your daily fiber needs and almost 300% of your Vitamin C).  Another low-fat dressing of honey, fresh lime juice and the zest of two limes.
Waldorf Fruit Salad - One cup of toasted walnuts makes this classic fruit salad divine.
Marshmallow Fruit Salad - The easiest recipe of all using a simple dressing of sour cream and mini marshmallows.  Canned mandarin oranges and fresh strawberries make this colorful, kid-friendly and fun.
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Jan 11, 2015

9 Most Stunning Bridal Earrings on Etsy

Bridal earrings like these look so expensive, but in most cases they're very reasonably priced. And they'll last a lifetime with the right amount of care. To keep in perfect condition - apply perfume, deodorant and hair spray before putting them on and never submerge them in water. Simply wipe them clean with a lint free jeweler's cloth. Storing them in a dark place away from sunlight helps them continue to sparkle and shine. I love the look of clear Swarovski crystals, especially when paired with genuine freshwater pearls. As the saying goes, "The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens."


Jan 9, 2015

15 Breathtaking Dahlia Bouquets

Dahlias - pinwheel shaped flowers that bloom from midsummer to first frost, when many other plants are well past their beautiful best. And dahlias are some of the most affordable wedding flowers - always a plus for me - with purple, burgundy and orange available in late fall for slightly more. Just like the rest of us they range in color and size, some as large as 10-inch "dinnerplate" blooms. And their given names are no less entertaining: Ballerina, Bashful, Bedhead, Boogie Woogie, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Giggles!

peach dahlia bouquet
purple dahlia bridal bouquet
single stem bridal bouquet
A single creamy white dahlia stem - exquisite!
pale pink dahlia bouquet
wedding bouquet with pink roses and dahlias
rustic bridal bouquet
 Lovely bits of dusty miller make this bouquet
 of dahlias, and pale pink and peach garden roses
rustic and romantic.
bouquet of succulents and orange dahlias
The perfect fall bridal bouquet featuring sweet green succulents and colorful copper penny dahlias.
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