Feb 23, 2015

11 Creative Wine Barrel Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Wine barrels for weddings - yes! These rustic oak receptacles have been used to inspired the fine flavor of wine since Mark Anthony and Cleopatra took their first, sweet sip. How much are wine barrel rentals? It depends on your area, of course, but here are two regional rates I found online:
Katy Wine Barrel Rentals (Texas) - Four day rental period, not including pickup and delivery fee. Wine or whiskey barrels are $55 and a 20 x 60 inch barrel bar is $195 and Rocky Mountain Barrel Company (Colorado) - Priced at $29 each for four days, these 59 gallon red wine barrels are available for delivery 25 miles within the Denver area.

A vintage wine barrel makes the perfect backdrop for this rustic themed wedding sign.

wine barrel planters
A weathered wine barrel table with bottles of classic (basket wrapped) Chianti, 
made from plump red Sangiovese grapes, well-loved since the 16th century.
Wine Barrel Cooler 
Rustic Wine Barrel Planter


Angelica Garcia Santillan said...

Were could I rent or buy the barrels

Beautiful Bridal said...

You can Google "wine barrel rentals" or "vintage furniture rentals" and you will find a supplier in a large city near where you live. Here in Virginia we have dozens of wineries across the state that probably rent and sell wine barrels too.