Feb 25, 2015

Lemonade Wedding Stands

I love the chalkboard signs on these lemonade wedding stands but the rustic wooden one with child-like yellow letters makes me yearn for the days when all pesky problems could be solved by a happy game of hopscotch or a serious game of hide and seek. Right now when it feels like sixteen degrees outside instead of seventy, an iced cold glass of lemonade is as welcome as a lovely hot bath with no bubbles. But spring and summer will come one after the other as planned. And guests will welcome the delicious citrus drink created with a cup of sugar, water, fresh lemons (nice bright yellow ones with no green tint) and ice. See the best of the best - my favorite lemonade recipes below.

vintage style lemonade stand
circus themed lemonade stand
rustic wedding lemonade stand
lemonade wedding ideas
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