Feb 7, 2015

Rustic Bohemian Wedding Receptions

What describes a bohemian style wedding? A free-spirited and unconventional celebration that is fun, frugal and very down to earth. For bohemians, rustic wasn't a trendy wedding theme, it was a way of life. They were the original dumpster divers. Now that we've become a recycle and reuse kind of culture, any lovely wildflowers - daisies, cosmos, cornflowers, morning glory and freshly picked garden roses placed in vintage tins and canisters are cheap and boho chic. Discarded lace curtains make charming chair covers and weathered wooden tables can be borrowed and made beautiful again.

bohemian wedding centerpiece
vintage candlestick centerpieces
rustic succulent wedding cake
rustic hand painted wedding sign
rustic wildflower centerpiece
bohemian style chair cover
rustic outdoor wedding reception
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