Mar 9, 2015

11 Breathtaking Burgundy Wedding Ideas

Burgundy - is it a place where a delicious combination of fruits and flowers are transformed into the most silky and seductive wines on the entire planet? Or is it just a deeper, darker blend of purple and red that makes everything it colors more rich and radiant? Actually, it's a bit of both. The place in France where gorgeous Pinot Noir grapes are carefully crushed and fermented into the finest red and white wines, is also my favorite winter wedding color.  Beautiful burgundy color combinations:  burgundy and bronze (or brown) and burgundy and metallic gold.

Lovely burgundy stationery by Paper and Poste

Burgundy lace Valentinos!

outdoor burgundy themed reception
burgundy and white wedding cake
rustic burgundy and green centerpieces  
burgundy suit for the groom
naked wedding cake with pomegranates
pink and burgundy wedding centerpiece
burgundy wedding bouquet

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