Mar 25, 2015

Beginner's Guide to the Perfect Summer Bridal Shower

Fresh and colorful. And outdoors under the sweet summer sun if Mother Nature smiles down on you. If you don't have a fancy split-level deck or matching patio set - not to worry. A variety of worn and weathered picnic tables will serve your prized fruit platters and crunchy cucumber sandwiches well (always use English cucumbers - longer, thinner, sweeter and individually wrapped with cellophane). Here are my suggestions on how to host the perfect summer bridal shower:

  • Be Spontaneous. Each invited guest walks into the room, and may or may not see a bunch of total strangers. She gets introduced around and quickly forgets all the names, including her own. Seat her near someone her own age and offer the drink of her choice. Holding a cup or glass gives a girl some cover so she can size up the room and finally make eye contact with the homemade meatballs
  • Let everyone unwind in their own way. Strangers can become friends over conversation and a cup of freshly brewed coffee or chamomile tea. Also have available a refreshing non-alcoholic punch made with a delicious blend of fruit punch, orange juice and a chilled bottle of ginger ale. Signature cocktails such as frozen margaritas, mojitos and spiked lemonade make a simple "how well do you know the bride" (which nobody seems to know that well) seem more frantic and fun.
  • Fresh fruit. At least half of your friends are obsessing about anti-oxidants in every thing they eat and drink. What woman doesn't want to look and feel lovely, inside and out? You can help my making freshly picked blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries find their way into delicious fruit tarts, mini cheesecakes, party platters and kabobs.
  • Fresh flowers. They don't need to be store bought to be beautiful. Whatever blooms in your backyard (here in southern Virginia, it's ravishing red, white and hot pink azaleas), will do. Nothing colorful in front yard or back? Trader Joe's has a sweet supply of seasonally-designed bouquets starting at $3.99 each.
  • Bridal shower games. Too many games make a girl restless and bored. I know because I went to a shower where there were more written exams than I took my freshman year of college. And harder too.
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