Mar 4, 2015

Coral, Cream and Mint Green Weddings

Coral, cream and mint - soft and sensual colors that symbolize romance, renewal, good health and good luck. This is the day he offers you his heart. A promise to be faithful. A hug and a kiss when you don't get the raise but you do get a traffic ticket. Lucky in love - that's you. And if planning this wedding feels more frightening than fabulous (like it did for me), you may want to consider colors that harmonize and help sooth your somewhat tired soul. Here are my favorite coral, cream and mint green wedding ideas.

This bouquet is made entirely from soft sola flowers, beautiful eco-friendly blooms made from the stems of the tapioca plant. They are velvety, lightweight and lovely. Sturdy too.



l0ve9a said...

How much would the bouquet be?

Beautiful Bridal said...

Go to Etsy and put "Sola Flower Bouquets" in the search box and you will find a variety of these bouquets for sale. Thank you for your comment!