Mar 17, 2015

Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Metal lanterns for weddings - where to find the best and most beautiful? Today on eBay I found an unbelievable selection of nautical, colonial and Moroccan style lanterns - in red, amber, fuchsia, green, blue, lavender and clear glass - for less than $11.50 each (free shipping). These intricate hand-wrought lamps are a little over 10 inches high - use them indoors or hang at random levels outside. A little more expensive are twelve wood and metal lanterns at Save-On-Crafts from $15.99 to about twenty five dollars each. The eight inch galvanized metal lantern with a simple votive candle would be a warm and lovely light for your rustic themed wedding. Here are my favorite ways to turn metal lanterns into visual masterpieces.

white lantern wedding centerpiece

rustic lantern centerpiece
silver lantern centerpiece

vintage style lantern centerpiece
fall wedding lantern centerpiece
nautical wedding centerpiece
Moroccan lanterns
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