Apr 28, 2015

11 Lovely Floral Headpieces

How do you feel about these bohemian style halos, crowns and asymmetrical floral headpieces? Would bright pink and raspberry red roses imbedded in a crown of fragrant, freshly picked eucalyptus leaves (available all year long) make you feel breathtakingly beautiful on a sweet summer day? Now you can make your own with this step by step tutorial on how to make a floral headpiece. What if your wedding is in December (like mine) when lovely lilacs are long gone, dahlias have departed and peonies are a thing of the past? For you, winter has an abundance of beautiful blooms - anemones, amaryllis, camellias, red holly berries and creamy white garden roses.


Apr 27, 2015

10 Exquisite Ombre Wedding Cakes

Looking at these romantic ruffled ombre cakes - it's hard to pick a favorite. But I did, and the photo you see on top is the one I fell as hard for as I did my Irish-Italian husband many years ago. He too was a little rough around the edges, but was colorful and cute and unlike the boyfriend before him, knew that Shakespeare was a great author and not just a brand of fishing poles. (Hard to resist a guy with brains and beautiful blue eyes.) Here are my favorite ombre wedding cakes - so breathtaking and beautiful - their lovely shaded layers steal my heart away.

lavender and purple ombre cake
pink ombre wedding cake

peach ombre wedding cake
purple ombre wedding cake
square ombre wedding cake
turquoise and peach wedding cake
blue ruffled wedding cake

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Apr 22, 2015

Berry Colored Bouquets

While I sneak a healthy bunch of ripe blueberries into my diet each day in the form of sorbet, smoothies and shakes, it's the rich color of raspberries that makes these berry colored bouquets perfect for a bright and beautiful bohemian style wedding. Winter has finally passed. Lovely spring flowers, kidnapped by the cold, now bask in the sun with their breathtaking pink, red and burgundy blooms.

Dazzling dahlia bouquet with ranunculus, geranium leaves,
green hypericum berries, and pale purple anenomes. 
White and pink peony bouquet with a tropical pink protea bloom
(at left) and fragrant eucalyptus leaves.
Breathtaking burgundy orchids, dusty miller, red hypericum berries,
and spray painted gold seeded eucalyptus.

Apr 19, 2015

19 Amazing Tulip Centerpieces

Tulip centerpieces - simple and sensational from early spring to the beginning of June. Legend has it that red tulips invoke pleasure, passion and romance. No surprise there. Yellow tulips - once associated with jealousy in Victorian times - now inspire friendship and fun. A gift of white tulips means "I'm sorry" and pink suggests confidence and caring and "congrats on getting that great-paying job." I love the price - less than five dollars per stem - and grouping the same color together in clear glass vases, Mason jars, vintage tea cups, pitchers and pots.

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