Apr 2, 2015

Beach Theme Centerpiece Ideas

Here in Virginia Beach, where a thirty-four foot bronze statue of King Neptune keeps watch over everything from bikinis to beer festivals, beach themed weddings are a regular weekend event. The beaches here are crowded from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and one or two weeks after the kids go back to school. And if you haven't been here, please come in the off-season where you'll find everything cheaper from hot dogs to high rise hotels. As for me, the perfect beach vacation - water so clear and warm and wonderful - was the seven divine days I spent on the beautiful white sands of Waikiki. The sand, the surf, the scuba diving and lovely old Hawaiian ladies in their cute one-piece bathing suits. You, me and the girl that made your Skinny Peppermint Mocha at Starbuck's this morning - all we want is just one more beautiful day at the beach.


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