Apr 3, 2015

Pink Bridal Shower Desserts

As you might suspect, this pink champagne cake is the most labor-intensive bridal shower dessert on display. If you follow the recipe "as is" you'll be heading to your favorite market for the usual ingredients plus organic almond oil, palm shortening and buttermilk. The layers are bursting with a fresh raspberry/strawberry sauce and finished off with a sweet strawberry mascarpone buttercream icing. Mascarpone is a high-priced cheese (about $12.00 per pound) from the south of Milan that you've probably tasted before in tarts, trifle and tiramisu.



You love pink desserts, but you would rather not make these pink pinwheel cookies.  Not now, not ever.  Too much rolling, too much freezing, too much trouble trying to match an eight inch square of white dough to pink.  Honestly, I make chocolate pinwheel cookies all the time and the little bit of trouble it takes, as you can see, more than shines through in the presentation.

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