Apr 13, 2015

Shabby Chic Wedding Decorations

Shabby chic - when, where and how did we fall in love with it? Probably in the 1980s, this classy style reminiscent of large old English homes filled with well-worn sofas and settees made with once-fancy pale floral fabrics, made itself known to us once again. Distressed, over-sized furniture that survived several coats of paint, many layers now peeking through. Worn out and weathered, but cozy and comfortable. Pale garden roses on cushions, curtains, tea pots and tablecloths. Elegant and inviting, just like you dreamed your wedding day would be.

shabby chic wedding sign
  This rustic shabby chic sign is yours for next to nothing (if your neighbor is removing
a weathered old fence) and you can forget about sawing, sanding and spray painting
to make your wood pristine and perfect.  A variety of glued-on dollar store doilies adds
a touch of sweet romance to this tender hand lettered announcement, "best day ever."
Shabby chic centerpieces made with pale peach and pink garden roses.
shabby chic chair decor
vintage wedding typewriter
shabby chic wedding reception decor
DIY floral paper cones
Lovely paper cones easily made with vintage style scrapbook papers
and Martha Stewart's Doily Lace Edger Punch (retails less than $10).
shabby chic wedding plates
rustic heart chair decor
vintage suitcase card display
Vintage Suitcase with Shabby Chic Flowers
paper wedding hearts
Martha Stewart also carries a very affordable one-inch Heart Punch.

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