May 12, 2015

15 Charming Peony Centerpieces

Peonies - their lovely lush blooms so prized by the Chinese they call them sho yu which means "most beautiful." And if you're lucky enough to live in Indiana you'll see these sweet scented flowers near hills and highways from Columbus to Crown Point and Lawrence to West Lafayette. So many, in fact, they adopted it as their state flower in 1957. Peony names are just as breathtaking as their beautiful blooms: Bowl of Beauty, Pink Parfait, Raspberry Sundae, Buckeye Belle and Sarah Bernhardt. A pink peony bouquet would be perfect for a spring or sweet summer day. Rich and romantic, their bushy beauty and perfectly shaped petals are considered an omen of good luck and lasting happiness.
pink and white peony centerpiece
pink peonies
purple and white peony centerpieces
peach and white peony centerpiece
lavender wedding centerpiece
pink and peach peony centerpiece
pink peony wedding centerpiece
pink wedding centerpiece idea

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