May 7, 2015

Rustic Wedding Ideas - Wooden Crates

Weathered looking wooden crates - the most versatile "vintage" piece of furniture for a rustic style reception. There's no shortage of low priced and perfectly shaped pine wooden crates at Michael's or Walmart or wherever you shop. But that clean look just won't cut it. Purchase a quart of dark walnut stain from Minwax for $15 that may or may not involve sanding and sealing, or do it the cheap, easy way using things you or I already have in the pantry? You may already know I'm pretty tight with a buck. Here's how to make new wood look old for next to nothing by following these easy steps:
  • Fill a Mason jar with vinegar and place a round-shaped steel wool pad inside.  Leave it overnight or several days for a darker solution. 
  • Boil black tea and paint it onto the wood surface before applying the vinegar solution.  The tannic acid in the tea will make the vinegar stain darker and even more beautiful.
  • One coat will make your wood look old.  Several coats are even better.
  • Just in case there is any residue from the steel wool left over, wipe your wood thoroughly with a clean wet rag.
  • Your wooden crate now looks weathered and worn, and a coat of wax will keep it this way indefinitely. 
I love the look of these wooden crate centerpieces. 

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