Jul 23, 2015

Memorial Wedding Table

So simple, so sweet.

Remembering those you knew you better than most.

Nothing fancy...just a small, round table with framed photos of Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue.

They gave you the most precious thing a person has to give...their time.

And sadly, their time was up before this day devoted to the greatest love story ever.

Grandma's gift of helping you organize your Girl Scout cookie drive gave you the skills to negotiate complicated contracts with florists and photographers.

There's no reason to think she hasn't showed up in her own way - in a gentle breeze, a flock of birds, a twinkling star.

She'll be happy to see her own wedding photo proudly displayed. And remember how amazing it felt to have a head of thick, curly brown hair and a twenty-five inch waist.

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Jul 21, 2015

Free Printable S'Mores Gift Tags

People that create free printable gift tags...I am forever in your debt.

I can't think of a single person I've known or know who wouldn't love this creamy chocolate treat.

Thank you inventive and thoughtful Girl Scouts of 1925 or so for introducing a hot, melted marshmallow to graham crackers and Hershey's milk chocolate bars (invented in 1900 and just waiting around for your brilliant idea).

A perfect DIY wedding favor idea made that much easier with 4 ounce jelly jars (about $1.50 each), and individually wrapped Hershey's miniatures.


Jul 20, 2015

5 Incredibly Lovely Winter Bouquets

Winter wedding bouquets - what flowers will fill your heart with joy? I love mini cymbidium orchids (available in winter and spring), beautiful silver ball-shaped brunia, sprigs of fragrant juniper, black and white anemones, pinecones, silver sprayed seeded eucalyptus, bright red hypericum berries, diamond white roses and soft and silver dusty miller. White daisies, carnations and Queen Anne's lace are also great choices for the budget-minded winter bride.

Succulent Winter Bouquet
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Jul 17, 2015

7 Vintage Style Wedding Drink Stations

To create a warm and welcoming vintage style drink station, you really don't need to buy or rent vintage furniture at all. Three of these dressers have witnessed a half dozen presidential elections go by, but some are painted, distressed and decorated to create the illusion of more sweet and simple times. I have a charming chest of drawers - purchased for only $40 - waiting right now for clear Depression style glass knobs and a quart of Annie Sloan chalkboard paint. I'll leave the drawers open and fill them vintage soda pop bottles, and Mason jars with striped candy colored straws.

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Jul 15, 2015

17 Stunning Succulent Wedding Centerpieces

If you're a lover of succulents, there's a place you must see.

It's a small, seaside village about half way between San Francisco and my hometown of Long Beach, California.

Cambria has a population of about 6,000 and a tiny village, home to a collection of self-proclaimed quirky artists that love to paint, create music and perform by the sea.

A string of tiny shops offer everything from French, Italian, and American furniture to homemade jams, jellies and freshly baked Olallieberry (the "king" of blackberry) pies.

Succulents grow everywhere in this tiny town. Cascading donkey's tail succulents flow like trapped water out of pitchers and pots. Purple "hens and chicks" form doorway arches over galleries and gift shops. Raised beds spill over with these gorgeous green rosettes.

No matter what time of day, you can feel the dampness in the air. It makes me wonder why these sun-worshiping succulents - who dislike water as much as you and I do the last day of vacation - thrive (beyond belief) in such close proximity to the salty ocean air. But they do. Make sure you don't miss this small seaside paradise, less than 10 miles from Hearst Castle on Scenic Highway 1.

Succulent Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


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7 Easy Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Which of these bohemian wedding ideas sets your heart on fire? Since my own rustic little wedding reception with JoAnne's prized potato salad and Dorothy's baked ham in my parents' back yard, I've always loved any family celebration held outdoors. So lovely to have fresh air, flowers and family surrounding you on the most important day of your life.

1. Mismatched drinking glasses and goblets are festive and fun. Tables pushed together to form one long dining area create a warm, welcoming intimate vibe.
2. Random wildflowers - daisies, baby's breath, wax flower, Queen Anne's lace, wild aster, bachelor's buttons, and coneflowers - look fabulous floating in tin metal buckets along walkways and aisles.
3. Show off vintage family wedding photos for just the cost of ribbon and a handsome hand painted "family tree" sign.

4. Ditch the tablecloth in favor of a brightly colored table runner that highlights the rich texture of a well worn wooden table.

5. Mason jar luminaries cast their romantic glow over champagne and spicy pork tenderloin.

6. Wildflower confetti wrapped in vintage music sheet paper or any well-worn atlas or almanac you find at your local thrift store.
7. Hanging picture frames - embellished with brightly colored flowers, suspended at different heights. So many modern frames today are designed to look like vintage, save yourself a trip to that over-priced antique store. All they need is a quick coat of gold spray paint to create a rich and rustic backdrop.
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Jul 5, 2015

11 Stunning Christmas Wedding Ideas

Even though I was a December bride, the sweet seaside paradise of San Pedro where Phil and I were married was a comfortable seventy two degrees that winter day. So many of these Christmas wedding ideas would seem out of place in this sunny international seaport, seven short miles from my hometown of Long Beach, California. But now we live in Southeastern Virginia, where snow covered pines form a lovely white canopy over two story home each year between February and March. Hand painted pinecones, fragrant eucalyptus, and berry colored bouquets make our winter time weddings classic and colorful.

winter wedding chalkboard sign
Christmas Themed Mason Jar Centerpiece
DIY pinecone fire starter favor
Christmas themed wedding bouquet

rustic burlap ring bearer pillow
cinnamon stick candle centerpieces
Mason jar fairy lights
Christmas lantern centerpiece
Rustic Christmas Wedding Centerpiece
DIY rustic escort cards
painted pinecone centerpiece
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