Jul 15, 2015

17 Stunning Succulent Wedding Centerpieces

If you're a lover of succulents, there's a place you must see.

It's a small, seaside village about half way between San Francisco and my hometown of Long Beach, California.

Cambria has a population of about 6,000 and a tiny village, home to a collection of self-proclaimed quirky artists that love to paint, create music and perform by the sea.

A string of tiny shops offer everything from French, Italian, and American furniture to homemade jams, jellies and freshly baked Olallieberry (the "king" of blackberry) pies.

Succulents grow everywhere in this tiny town. Cascading donkey's tail succulents flow like trapped water out of pitchers and pots. Purple "hens and chicks" form doorway arches over galleries and gift shops. Raised beds spill over with these gorgeous green rosettes.

No matter what time of day, you can feel the dampness in the air. It makes me wonder why these sun-worshiping succulents - who dislike water as much as you and I do the last day of vacation - thrive (beyond belief) in such close proximity to the salty ocean air. But they do. Make sure you don't miss this small seaside paradise, less than 10 miles from Hearst Castle on Scenic Highway 1.

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