Jul 15, 2015

7 Easy Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Which of these bohemian wedding ideas sets your heart on fire? Since my own rustic little wedding reception with JoAnne's prized potato salad and Dorothy's baked ham in my parents' back yard, I've always loved any family celebration held outdoors. So lovely to have fresh air, flowers and family surrounding you on the most important day of your life.

1. Mismatched drinking glasses and goblets are festive and fun. Tables pushed together to form one long dining area create a warm, welcoming intimate vibe.
2. Random wildflowers - daisies, baby's breath, wax flower, Queen Anne's lace, wild aster, bachelor's buttons, and coneflowers - look fabulous floating in tin metal buckets along walkways and aisles.
3. Show off vintage family wedding photos for just the cost of ribbon and a handsome hand painted "family tree" sign.

4. Ditch the tablecloth in favor of a brightly colored table runner that highlights the rich texture of a well worn wooden table.

5. Mason jar luminaries cast their romantic glow over champagne and spicy pork tenderloin.

6. Wildflower confetti wrapped in vintage music sheet paper or any well-worn atlas or almanac you find at your local thrift store.
7. Hanging picture frames - embellished with brightly colored flowers, suspended at different heights. So many modern frames today are designed to look like vintage, save yourself a trip to that over-priced antique store. All they need is a quick coat of gold spray paint to create a rich and rustic backdrop.
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