Jul 23, 2015

Memorial Wedding Table

So simple, so sweet.

Remembering those you knew you better than most.

Nothing fancy...just a small, round table with framed photos of Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue.

They gave you the most precious thing a person has to give...their time.

And sadly, their time was up before this day devoted to the greatest love story ever.

Grandma's gift of helping you organize your Girl Scout cookie drive gave you the skills to negotiate complicated contracts with florists and photographers.

There's no reason to think she hasn't showed up in her own way - in a gentle breeze, a flock of birds, a twinkling star.

She'll be happy to see her own wedding photo proudly displayed. And remember how amazing it felt to have a head of thick, curly brown hair and a twenty-five inch waist.

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