Aug 4, 2015

Rustic Love Cake Topper

A delicate wooden cake topper perfect for a rustic themed wedding.

Not that I'm planning a wedding of my own. No need to trade in a small but trustworthy Italian-American man (with beautiful blue eyes) for one 10 years younger, over six feet tall. This short guy will stand on his head and wiggle his toes if that's what it takes to make me laugh.

I'll put this topper on his birthday cake - Pillsbury chocolate cake mix with homemade buttercream icing he thinks is fine enough to serve the Queen and all her court at Buckingham Palace. Thank God for pudding in the mix.

I'll put this on our anniversary cake because he still runs out to the car to carry in my groceries and won't lay his head down on his pillow until he kisses me goodnight.

The kids - now with kids of their own - will see this cake top at parties and potlucks.

For $16.00 it's a small but sweet investment. Laser carved in wood (probably natural birch wood, but not listed as such) and shipped in two to three weeks. Don't know why this lightweight wooden topper - 1/8 inch wide - costs six dollars to ship from Florida to Virginia Beach, but it's a small price to pay for a lifetime of this man's love.


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