Sep 6, 2015

Circus Themed Baby Shower Quiz

Danielle bristled - yet again - at the thought of pinning a clothes pin on each guest, only to be forfeited to someone else when they accidentally said the word "baby."

As an artist and children's book illustrator, she wanted more color, more character...more spontaneous fun.

A circus themed baby shower.

Each guest chose a tag - trapeze artist, juggler, lion tamer, fire breather, ring master, bare back rider, clown, tightrope walker (even bearded lady!) - and wrote their first name under their "chosen" circus profession. In less than 10 minutes the vibe felt warm and whimsical.

I designed this quiz myself and I hope you use it for your next circus themed party. As for our circle of friends, most thought circus performers entered the stage on the left side to bring themselves good luck. Keeping a hair from an elephant's tail seemed a little freaky and far-fetched, but it's true according to circus history.

The phrase, "there's a sucker born every minute," really wasn't made up by P. T. Barnum as most people think, although he may have convinced himself he did. One of our friends thought it meant "the public's willingness to pay for overpriced snacks (which they did, thanks to clever packaging) during the Great Depression.

And for some fun and fabulous reason, almost everyone in the room seemed to sense that a degree from Harvard Law School is much easier to achieve than going to a college to learn from past and present "experts" (Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote) to become a well-known and well-paid professional circus clown.

Circus Themed Quiz

1.  The circus was first performed in what American city?

     A.  Philadelphia
     B.  Boston
     C.  Charleston
     D.  Memphis
     E.  St. Louis

     Answer:  Philadelphia

2.  Who is considered the father of the first modern traveling circus?

     A.  P. T. Barnum
     B.  Philip Astley
     C.  James A. Bailey
     D.  William Cameron Coupe

     Answer:  Philip Astley

3.  The first circus in Rome was called:

     A.  Circus Flaminius
     B.  Circus of Maxentius
     C.  Circus Neonis
     D.  Circus Maximus

     Answer:  Circus Maximus

4.  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus moved its winter headquarters to Florida in:

     A.  1968
     B.  1955
     C.  1927
     D.  1935
     E.  1940

     Answer:  1927

5.  It is harder to get into the Ringling Brothers Clown School than Harvard Law School. 
     True or False?

     Answer:  True

6.  Which one of these actors started his career working as an acrobat and juggler?

     A.  Clark Gable
     B.  Cary Grant
     C.  Gary Cooper
     D.  Jack Nicholson
     E.  Arnold Schwarzenegger

     Answer:  Cary Grant

7.  Who was the first American president to attend the circus?

     A.  Abraham Lincoln
     B.  George Washington
     C.  Grover Cleveland
     D.  James Madison

     Answer:  George Washington

8.  What do circus performers do for good luck?

     A.  Enter the stage on the left side only.
     B.  Keep a hair from an elephant's tail in the pocket.
     C.  Put a circus ticket in the bottom of their shoes.
     D.  Shake hands with the Ring Master and pat him twice on the head.

     Answer:  Keep a hair from an elephant's tail in their pocket!

9.  "The Greatest Show on Earth" was the first film this person ever saw in a movie theater:

     A.  Ben Stiller
     B.  Stephen Spielberg
     C.  Oprah Winfrey
     D.  Jerry Seinfeld
     E.  Tom Hanks

     Answer:  Stephen Spielberg

10. The first week of August was designated National Clown Week by which president?

     A.  Richard Nixon
     B.  Bill Clinton
     C.  Jimmy Carter
     D.  Herbert Hoover
     E.  George W. Bush

     Answer:  Richard Nixon

11. What does "Cherry Pie" mean in circus lingo?

     A.  You've been kissed by a trapeze artist.
     B.  You've done extra work and earned extra pay.
     C.  You've been given a free ticket to the show.
     D.  You've been chosen to go in the lion's ring.

     Answer:  You've done extra work and received extra pay.

12. What type of elephant does the Ringling Bros. Circus use the most - Indian or African?

     Answer.  Indian

13. Another circus name for souvenir programs is:
     A.  Funny papers
     B.  Bibles
     C.  Circus candy
     D.  Paper money
     E.  Cake

     Answer:  Bibles

14. What does a circus aerialist call his/her safety harness?

     A.  A carabiner
     B.  A handle
     C.  A spider
     D.  A mechanic

     Answer:  A mechanic

15. The phrase, "there's a sucker born every minute" originally referred to:

     A.  The public's fascination with "freak" shows, and their willingness to pay money to see them.
     B.  The public's willingness to pay for overpriced snacks during the Depression.
     C.  The public's belief that trapeze artists had the most dangerous jobs in the circus.

     Answer:  The public's fascination with "freak" shows

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