Sep 27, 2015

DIY Apple Candle Holders

I never wanted or needed a double sided melon baller...until today.

It's the only thing standing between me and these incredibly lovely DIY apple candle holders, the perfect fall centerpiece or mantle décor.

I'll scoop out the top of a Red Delicious or Gala apple - with bright yellow undertones that peek out from it's lovely light red sheen.

Image Courtesy of Shades of Blue Interiors

A floating candle (IKEA sells a pack of 24 for less than $12) fits snugly with the wick sticking about one half inch above each apple top.  Tea lights, of course, are cheaper but won't last quite as long.

I could leave these amazing candle holders "as is" but dripping melted wax down the sides at different lengths give them that rustic and romantic charm.

Apple candle holders placed in a row makes any room feel cozy and inviting.
A basket of lovely lit candles and fresh cinnamon sticks - a fresh and fragrant
fall centerpiece idea.

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