Mar 10, 2016

Glitter Mason Jars with Cutout Hearts

Unlike every bride from Boston to Baton Rouge, I was really on the fence about glitter Mason jars. Didn't I goof off with glitter in the third grade and get more in my hair than I did on my handprint? But now - suddenly I see the value. And when I say value, I mean one case of 12 glass Mason jars - one pint - sells for about $15.00 on Amazon. (Although the ones shown below are half that size.) Modge Podge, ribbons and glitter, are available everywhere. Even Martha Stewart sells her own brand of fine iridescent glitter in must-have-or-die sounding shades of Florentine Gold, Fire Opal and Lapis Lazuli. Add tiny white tea lights, and you can cast a warm and welcoming glow over the entire room for less than five dollars each.

Here’s what you need to make these DIY glitter votives.
  • half pint glass Mason jars
  • foam heart or other shape
  • painter's tape
  • Modge Podge
  • paint brush
  • ribbons
  • regular or battery operated tea lights
Many thanks to our friends at Mason Jar Crafts Love
Check out all of their easy-to-follow
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Mar 8, 2016

Wedding Catering Revealed

$29.95 per person
Plus a $50 Carving Attendant Fee
Pricing based on 2 pieces of each hors d’oeuvre per person and served for 1 1/2 hours
All prices are subject to 20% service fee and 10.5% local and sales tax
Prices subject to change

Seriously? That “Carving Attendant” is making no more than fifteen bucks an hour for tenderly shaving a honey baked ham slice as thin as a postage stamp. So why the $50 fee? I don’t know about you, but I can consume way more than two hors d'oeuvres (Crab and Olive Quesadillas would be nice) in two hours or less. And so can your Uncle Dan and your good friend Jessica from Zumba class. So why are prices (always associated with a wedding) subject to change? They can and they do, because wedding vendors don’t expect you to raise a stink. Approach these professionals like the savvy businesswoman you are. The one who gets on the phone with Bank of America for too many bogus five dollar fees (that would be me, and yes, I did switch banks because of it). Even if you see something in print – like the real quote above – ask for a better deal. Send your first class query out into the wedding universe – sales tax are unavoidable, over inflated service fees deserve a serious explanation.

Mother of the Groom Bezel Necklace

A mother-in-law (aka "mother of the groom" at present) is a terrible thing to waste. If you plant the seeds, water and nurture this exotic new flower, you’ve just scored first class tickets on a fabulous flight around the world that has a shower, free booze and a king size bed. At least I did. I had the unexpected pleasure of discovering my mother-in-law closely resembled – in spirit and fun – my own mother, who I worshipped and adored. Both were Irish. Had that sense of humor that was both wicked and wonderful. My mother, who was born on the hilly slopes of western Ireland could cut me down to size, make me laugh so hard doing it, I ended up thanking her for the privilege. My mother-in-law, a second generation Irish-American, was a little more forgiving but just as skillful as making me wet my pants. I'm telling you now...find something in your husband's mother that makes her more exquisite than just the fairly nice middle-aged woman who makes his favorite banana cream pie.


Mar 7, 2016

Wedding Flowers - Sweet Symbolic Meanings

Wedding flowers are real game changers. Not like when you’re driving a little too fast down the San Diego Freeway and you see the familiar blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror and you know they’re for you. Carefully you pull over, and silently thank Jesus, Joseph and Mary that your registration is updated and within easy reach. Much to your surprise, the officer says “watch your speed” and “have a nice day.” No, flowers won’t give you that bad-to-beautiful kind of day in 60 seconds or less. But their simple beauty will bring you peace, a little bit of a spiritual retreat on a day when expectations run so high. Here are some of your favorite wedding flowers and what they mean to you.
  • Anenomes - Excitement, good luck, anticipation
  • Baby's Breath - Innocence, pure of heart, happiness
  • Gardenias - Sweetness, joy, purity
  • Hydrangeas - Friendship, devotion, gratitude
  • Peonies - Happy life, riches, good health
  • Ranunculus - Charming, attractiveness
  • Roses - Love, beauty, passion, joy

Colorful spring wedding bouquet made of pale pink and red peonies, roses, wildflowers, Queen Anne's lace and cranberry pink hypericum berries.

Mar 1, 2016

11 Breathtaking Braided Wedding Hair Styles