Mar 8, 2016

Mother of the Groom Bezel Necklace

A mother-in-law (aka "mother of the groom" at present) is a terrible thing to waste. If you plant the seeds, water and nurture this exotic new flower, you’ve just scored first class tickets on a fabulous flight around the world that has a shower, free booze and a king size bed. At least I did. I had the unexpected pleasure of discovering my mother-in-law closely resembled – in spirit and fun – my own mother, who I worshipped and adored. Both were Irish. Had that sense of humor that was both wicked and wonderful. My mother, who was born on the hilly slopes of western Ireland could cut me down to size, make me laugh so hard doing it, I ended up thanking her for the privilege. My mother-in-law, a second generation Irish-American, was a little more forgiving but just as skillful as making me wet my pants. I'm telling you now...find something in your husband's mother that makes her more exquisite than just the fairly nice middle-aged woman who makes his favorite banana cream pie.


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