Mar 8, 2016

Wedding Catering Revealed

$29.95 per person
Plus a $50 Carving Attendant Fee
Pricing based on 2 pieces of each hors d’oeuvre per person and served for 1 1/2 hours
All prices are subject to 20% service fee and 10.5% local and sales tax
Prices subject to change

Seriously? That “Carving Attendant” is making no more than fifteen bucks an hour for tenderly shaving a honey baked ham slice as thin as a postage stamp. So why the $50 fee? I don’t know about you, but I can consume way more than two hors d'oeuvres (Crab and Olive Quesadillas would be nice) in two hours or less. And so can your Uncle Dan and your good friend Jessica from Zumba class. So why are prices (always associated with a wedding) subject to change? They can and they do, because wedding vendors don’t expect you to raise a stink. Approach these professionals like the savvy businesswoman you are. The one who gets on the phone with Bank of America for too many bogus five dollar fees (that would be me, and yes, I did switch banks because of it). Even if you see something in print – like the real quote above – ask for a better deal. Send your first class query out into the wedding universe – sales tax are unavoidable, over inflated service fees deserve a serious explanation.

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