Mar 7, 2016

Wedding Flowers - Sweet Symbolic Meanings

Wedding flowers are real game changers. Not like when you’re driving a little too fast down the San Diego Freeway and you see the familiar blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror and you know they’re for you. Carefully you pull over, and silently thank Jesus, Joseph and Mary that your registration is updated and within easy reach. Much to your surprise, the officer says “watch your speed” and “have a nice day.” No, flowers won’t give you that bad-to-beautiful kind of day in 60 seconds or less. But their simple beauty will bring you peace, a little bit of a spiritual retreat on a day when expectations run so high. Here are some of your favorite wedding flowers and what they mean to you.
  • Anenomes - Excitement, good luck, anticipation
  • Baby's Breath - Innocence, pure of heart, happiness
  • Gardenias - Sweetness, joy, purity
  • Hydrangeas - Friendship, devotion, gratitude
  • Peonies - Happy life, riches, good health
  • Ranunculus - Charming, attractiveness
  • Roses - Love, beauty, passion, joy

Colorful spring wedding bouquet made of pale pink and red peonies, roses, wildflowers, Queen Anne's lace and cranberry pink hypericum berries.

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