Jun 8, 2016

Romantic Garden Wedding With a Vintage Theme

Bree and Mitch decided on a romantic garden wedding at the home of her parents in Geelong, a small port city just outside of Melbourne, Australia. She looked absolutely radiant in a hand-weaved halo of baby's breath and blush pink wedding dress by Grace Loves Lace, designers who describe their brides as "modern, free-spirited women unbound by monotony and tradition."


Wedding Dress : Grace Loves Lace
Shoes : Shoes of Prey
Stationary : Adorn Invitations
Photography : OnThree Photography
Ceremony and Reception : My parents’ home in Geelong
Entertainment : South City
Flowers : The Flower Dispensary
Hair and Makeup : Jessica Woods
Groomsmen Attire : V and J Menswear
Bridesmaid Attire : ASOS
Jewelry : Just Me Jewellery

How did you and Mitch meet?
Mitch and I are high school sweethearts. He was in the year above me, and to say that I had a crush on him was an understatement. I’d always see him around school (and being the awkward 15-year-old that I was) I’d always just stare from afar and be completely unable to utter a coherent sentence, at least that was until he spoke to me after school one day and we didn’t stop talking until we were home.

How did he propose?
The proposal could not have gone more perfectly. Mitch and I took a daytrip to a winery in the Yarra Valley (think rolling green hills, vineyards and stunning sunsets) and we hopped around a couple of the well-known wineries. We were at dinner at one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever eaten at, when he got down on one knee and surprised me just after the main course.

Why did you choose to have your wedding at home?
Chris and I are both very laid back people, so it seemed like a given that we have a backyard wedding. We’re also both from Geelong (a small country town just outside of Melbourne) so we really liked the idea of going back to our home town for the wedding. We’ve just had so many memories together sitting in my parent’s backyard during warm nights after school so there was no better place than that same backyard to commemorate what we started over 10 years ago.

Why did you choose your theme?
We wanted a theme that was just as laid back as our venue! Nothing too fancy or over the top, so that’s why we went with a vintage and romantic inspired look that was quirky but still elegant and tasteful. I think the fact that we crafted and sourced a lot of the décor ourselves really contributed to this vintage aesthetic.  We went to a lot of antique stores to find old books, furniture, vases, bottles and fabrics that we could use. Not only did this save us a ton of money, but I think it really set our wedding apart and looked beautiful with our garden backdrop.

How did you choose your dress?
Seeing as our wedding location was somewhat unconventional, I wanted my dress to be as well. That’s why I went for a blush pink coloured dress instead of a white one. Not only do I suit pink so much more than white – but I didn’t want something completely traditional. Grace loves Lace is also a stunning bridal designer that I’ve admired even before I was engaged so I knew exactly where I wanted my dress to come from as soon as the engagement happened.

Anything you wish you could have changed?
Honestly, the day was perfect… EXCEPT for the weather. We knew having a Summer wedding in Australia that there may be a chance of exceptional heat but that day was ridiculous. It was over 41 degrees (around 100f) and considering that the whole ceremony was outside, it was tricky navigating through the weather. We made sure to have lots of water for our guests, sunscreen, bug repellant and lots of powder for my face.

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