Aug 14, 2016

11 Breathtaking Eucalyptus Wedding Ideas

I find these eucalyptus wedding ideas so breathtaking because I grew up surrounded by the fragrant smell of these tall flowering trees. With over 700 species of eucalyptus in Australia, they were sent over and introduced to my home state during the California Gold Rush because our climate was so similar. Not too hot and never humid, it was a perfect day to play for every kid on summer vacation from June through September. Even my wedding the first week of December was a very cozy and comfortable 72 degrees. There was no way to know that surrounding our malls, churches and middle schools, these tall fragrant trees would make rustic wedding decorations so charming and unforgettable as these.

eucalyptus table runner

eucalyptus aisle decoration
eucalyptus wedding table decor

eucalyptus bouquets
rustic peach wedding cake
rustic wedding dessert table
pink and gold centerpiece


succulent table garland
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following-friends said...

Where did you get the pretty glass vase with the gold at the bottom? The one with the Eucalyptus and roses?

Beautiful Bridal said...

This is a beautiful photo I found on Pinterest. You could recreate a vase like this by decoupaging gold foil paper around the bottom of a lovely glass jar. Thank you for your comment!