Aug 22, 2016

Unforgettable Wedding Menu Signs

As inviting as all of these wedding menu signs are, the first one makes me happy and hungry. For starters, pulled pork is a family favorite and if you've never made it you need to do it today. Any large pork roast, boneless or not it doesn't even matter, add to the Crock Pot (with a little water) and let its delicious juices simmer overnight while you sleep. Tomorrow, after the meat has cooled, pull it apart with your hands (discard the fat and bones). Even a bottled barbeque sauce added to this magnificent tender meat, will make it your most requested meal at picnics, potlucks and every 4th of July.

Chalkboard menu sign - can you think of four other foods
at an outdoor reception
you'd rather feast on than these?
Corn pudding - today and every day!

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