Dec 14, 2016

Wedding Advice for the Bride and Groom

What is your best wedding advice for the bride and her groom? Always treat your husband like your best friend, never go to bed mad, don't sweat the small stuff, never stop flirting with each other? I've seen all these and totally agree except that flirting ("teasing, tickling and winking") takes more effort than I can give it full time. I want to offer up a piece of advice I seldom see. Always be kind to your husband or wife's family - including stepmothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. Your family may be educated, employed and elegant. His folks could be one paycheck away from living in a van down by the river (I still miss you Chris Farley). Every birthday you remember, every encouraging word you give, and every phone call you make will come back to you in a thousand loving ways.

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