Feb 26, 2017

Mini Tissue Wedding Boxes

Today I found these sweet do-it-yourself mini tissue boxes courtesy of a sponsored post on Something Tuquoise, a blog "embracing the DIY bride."  It's a great tutorial featuring free printable files for both the tissue box and "For Your Happy Tears" label. It's also a product endorsement for Cricut, the die cutting machine will let you cut everything from fabric to felt to foam to freezer paper. I don't own or have any affiliation with the company that makes these amazing die cutting machines (and am ashamed to tell you it all seems like rocket science to me), but paying three or four dollars each for wedding favors for 100 guests or more makes it seem like a good investment to make. Not to mention, everyone will love and adore these cute little mini tissue wedding boxes, courtesy of the bride.

Feb 20, 2017

Pastel Centerpieces for a Spring Wedding

I would love to recreate these pastel wedding centerpieces elegantly captured by Fiorello Photography. These simple and smooth painted jars may have been the former home of your favorite jams, jelly, mustard or mayonnaise. Something that you purchased to make a sandwich is now transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful spring wedding centerpiece. Freshly picked flowers may be your only expense unless you have a gift for growing those at home. There are just a few pastel shades shown here. Why not add pale yellow, blush, apricot, pastel mint, powder blue or lilac? It's no secret that I would rather repurpose and paint a clean glass jar than throw it in the recycle bin. But I had no idea that pastel painted jars could look as exquisite as this.

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His & Her Wedding Favor Stickers

His & Her wedding favor stickers might be one of the best budget wedding ideas yet. These stylish black and white stickers - shown here attached to crisp, clear cellophane bags - will cost you $6.50 for a set of 20.  About 33 cents each. Prices for bags vary but one shop that specializes in wedding favor supplies sells fifty (6 x 10 inch) clear bags for just three dollars and change. Compare that to what I saw online today - checking on bulk prices for what would be in this bride's favorite favor bag - mouthwatering peanut M&Ms. In additional to this well-loved and impossible-to-resist chocolate candy (over 400 million made in America each and every day), those ambitious M&M people sell individual tins to hold your candy in silver and gold, starting at $156.99 for a set of 48.  Although, to be fair, this price also includes five pounds of personalized M&Ms. Why not just a beautiful clear bag with a charming His & Her favorite sticker so guests can choose the treat (candy, cookies, pretzels or nuts) they love best.

Feb 19, 2017

Mason Jar Floating Candle Centerpieces

Today I found these floating candle centerpieces - on Nest of Posies, a lifestyle blog with great DIY ideas for home and family. These Mason jar centerpieces, made with sliced lemons and limes, mint and freshly picked rosemary would be effortless for a backyard wedding reception in late spring or early summer. A little of citronella oil will (hopefully) keep mosquitoes in check. What would I serve at a summer wedding reception under the glow of these fragrant floating candles? Here in the South, that would be delicious pulled pork sandwiches and of course, homemade macaroni and cheese. For those of you looking for this well-loved recipe, simply put a lean pork roast in your slow cooker (with a small of water) on low overnight. The next day after your pork has cooled completely, pull it apart, shred it with your fingers and add your favorite homemade or bottled barbeque sauce (I love honey flavored). Serve with rolls or hamburger buns. Always a summertime favorite with my family and friends, and will be with yours!

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Feb 15, 2017

Groom's Custom Engraved Wooden Watch

This custom engraved wooden watch at less than $70 is the gift your groom will treasure most. The watch itself is made from dark ebony recycled wood that can be engraved on the back with up to nine words. You can choose his name and wedding date if you prefer, but my guess is that any man would cherish the sweet sentiment of "Every second, I love you more." The genuine black leather strap is comfortable and lightweight, the Japanese quartz movement has always been known for its accuracy and reliability. In other words, this eco-friendly wooden watch is built to last. The only downside to this handsome minimalist watch is that it is 3 ATM water resistant which means it's fine in a little bit of rain, but not suitable for showering, swimming, snorkeling and other water sports.


Feb 14, 2017

15 Easy Eucalyptus Wedding Decorations

These are deceptively simple eucalyptus wedding decorations - each and every one a rustic and romantic look that could easily be designed and created by you or I. No highly paid professionals need apply. Some are designed with seeded eucalyptus - as shown in the photo below - with long willow-like leaves and glossy green color. Silver dollar eucalyptus is round and pale blue-green in appearance. I'm hopelessly in love with the fragrant silver dollar variety that you can actually grow yourself in full sun outdoors, as long as you bring them in the house before the first frost. Cut eucalyptus stems (purchased from a florist or online) will stay fresh for up to thirty days - allowing you, me or any of our friends to get many of these eucalyptus wreaths and garlands assembled in plenty of time.

Centerpiece that features both types of eucalyptus - seeded and silver dollar.
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Feb 7, 2017

Succulent Favors and Escort Cards

I've written about succulent wedding favors many times before, but this idea for using them as escort cards takes my breath away. These stylish hand written cards tucked into a variety of succulents in tiny metal tins is the perfect and practical wedding favor for your wedding this spring. Planted in a very sunny spot, these hens and chicks (as they are most often called) will thrive and multiply in pots and on patios leaving a lasting reminder to family and well-loved friends of the unforgettable day they shared with you. Small potted plants, unlike little thank you gifts made of glass, paper or plastic - leave a smaller carbon footprint on this beautiful blue planet we all call home.

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Feb 2, 2017

Bachelorette Party Favors - Hair Ties

I wish I knew more about these bachelorette party hair ties - like the length and width, and what type of fabric they are made of. Are they machine washable? These details are not described, but at just $1.25 each, and tons of great reviews, it seems more than worth it to make a purchase. Although to be honest, the shipping to me here in Virginia is an additional $3.65 which brings the total cost of one of these floral hair ties to almost five bucks. Forty two patterns are available including floral, chevron, polka dot, arrow, anchor, team bride and bride tribe. Provide the name personalization in your notes ("Jennifer's Bachelorette Party) or receive them with the saying only. Bachelorette party favors that will be well loved and very well used.