Feb 14, 2017

15 Easy Eucalyptus Wedding Decorations

These are deceptively simple eucalyptus wedding decorations - each and every one a rustic and romantic look that could easily be designed and created by you or I. No highly paid professionals need apply. Some are designed with seeded eucalyptus - as shown in the photo below - with long willow-like leaves and glossy green color. Silver dollar eucalyptus is round and pale blue-green in appearance. I'm hopelessly in love with the fragrant silver dollar variety that you can actually grow yourself in full sun outdoors, as long as you bring them in the house before the first frost. Cut eucalyptus stems (purchased from a florist or online) will stay fresh for up to thirty days - allowing you, me or any of our friends to get many of these eucalyptus wreaths and garlands assembled in plenty of time.

Centerpiece that features both types of eucalyptus - seeded and silver dollar.
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