Feb 2, 2017

Bachelorette Party Favors - Hair Ties

I wish I knew more about these bachelorette party hair ties - like the length and width, and what type of fabric they are made of. Are they machine washable? These details are not described, but at just $1.25 each, and tons of great reviews, it seems more than worth it to make a purchase. Although to be honest, the shipping to me here in Virginia is an additional $3.65 which brings the total cost of one of these floral hair ties to almost five bucks. Forty two patterns are available including floral, chevron, polka dot, arrow, anchor, team bride and bride tribe. Provide the name personalization in your notes ("Jennifer's Bachelorette Party) or receive them with the saying only. Bachelorette party favors that will be well loved and very well used.

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