Feb 20, 2017

His & Her Wedding Favor Stickers

His & Her wedding favor stickers might be one of the best budget wedding ideas yet. These stylish black and white stickers - shown here attached to crisp, clear cellophane bags - will cost you $6.50 for a set of 20.  About 33 cents each. Prices for bags vary but one shop that specializes in wedding favor supplies sells fifty (6 x 10 inch) clear bags for just three dollars and change. Compare that to what I saw online today - checking on bulk prices for what would be in this bride's favorite favor bag - mouthwatering peanut M&Ms. In additional to this well-loved and impossible-to-resist chocolate candy (over 400 million made in America each and every day), those ambitious M&M people sell individual tins to hold your candy in silver and gold, starting at $156.99 for a set of 48.  Although, to be fair, this price also includes five pounds of personalized M&Ms. Why not just a beautiful clear bag with a charming His & Her favorite sticker so guests can choose the treat (candy, cookies, pretzels or nuts) they love best.

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