Mar 27, 2017

Lavender Wedding Toss

Lavender wedding toss - a fragrant, eco-friendly send off for the happy groom and bride. For years it was rice until the myth got started that birds would pay the ultimate price for making a meal of the leftover rice. Turns out it wasn't true at all, but no kind hearted bride wanted anything bad to happen on this beautiful day. This lovely French blend of dried lavender flowers is grown on a family farm in the Walla Walla Valley in Washington state. A large one pound bag (16 cups) is harvested, dried, sifted and cleaned to create the perfect going away wedding toss. The seller suggests that depending on whether you wrap the lavender in small tulle bags or present in a large decorative bowl for guests to scoop, a one pound bag should supply 50 to one hundred guests with lavender to toss. One unexpected bonus - gently crushing the lavender flowers will release a fragrance all will find is refreshing, calming and rejuvenating.


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