Mar 3, 2017

Mexican Themed Wedding Reception

Hard not to be filled with joy and happiness at a colorful Mexican themed wedding reception. Even if you were delayed by a flat tire or speeding ticket on the way. Mexican weddings are so well-loved that in many small towns in Mexico, everyone (and I mean everyone) is invited to attend. And with all the guests come generous bowls of spicy rice, beans and tortillas filled with chicken and beef. Kind hearted neighbors will proudly offer homemade Sangria made with red or white wine, brandy, orange juice and freshly sliced fruit. The local Mariachi band will sing and entertain with violins, trumpets and round-backed guitars. It's not just "your" fiesta themed wedding, it's a local celebration and everyone joyfully pitches in. Can you imagine how wonderful and less stressful it would be to have this much help on the wedding day of your dreams?

fiesta themed cookies
Mexican wedding backdrop
Mexican wedding cake

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