Jun 26, 2017

Delicious Blackberry Cocktails

Today I found this delicious blackberry cocktail recipe (also called Blackberry Bramble) at Feasting at Home where a talented, Washington state caterer named Sylvia turned an overabundance of this heart healthy fruit into a sweet and satisfying summer drink. And I need this now more than ever. Our scraggly, bent blackberry bush has finally decided to bear us beautiful black fruit after keeping us waiting five long years or six. Every morning my anxious husband bolts out the sliding glass door to claim the ripe blackberries before the neighborhood bunnies steal his precious loot. Only six ingredients are needed - most of which I already have on hand. I don't like the taste of gin, so I may want to switch out to vodka instead. I just found out blackberry liqueur (also known as crème de mure) may be expensive and hard to find, but you use very little in this recipe and should make it last.

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